People Listing

When you first arrive at the person module, Ascribe will present you with a listing of all the people within the database (if any exist). At the top of this listing of persons, you will see a the following functions. These allow you to quickly (1) do a person search, (2) export data from the person module, (3) navigate from one page of persons to the next and (4) change the number people listed per page.

Below this will be a listing of people. The following is a sample of a person row:

  • Photo. If a person has a picture on-file in Ascribe, a small thumbnail of their photo will show on the left hand side to allow you to quickly scan down a list of people for the person you are looking for.
  • Name. In the second column will be his name. Clicking on his name will take you to his person record.
  • Address and Contact Info. The next two columns display his address and contact info. Clicking on the Map link next to an address will open a new browser window to attempt to map this address.
  • Electronic business card. Click on the vCard icon to download an electronic business card (i.e., a vCard file) which can be imported into your personal information manager (PIM) program’s address book. You may have a PIM (such as Microsoft Outlook) already installed on your computer which can import these electronic business cards.
  • View. Click on the View icon to view this person’s record.
  • Edit. Click on the Edit icon to edit this person’s record.
  • Delete. Click on the Delete icon to delete this person’s record. For most modules within Ascribe, when you click on this icon Ascribe will ask you to confirm whether you really want to delete the record. However Ascribe will not do so when deleting person records. Instead, the record is put into the Deleted Persons folder.