Create a person record

How to get to the person creation form

In the person module, click theAdd a new Person button which is found on the top right area of the page.

You can also get to the new person creation form from the main menu. Just go to People > Add a new Person.

Person's Name and Automatic Duplicate Prevention

Person Name Section

One of the more common problems in any contact database is duplicate records. You want to make sure you have just one record person. Ascribe takes care of this automatically for you. This innovative feature of Ascribe prevents the common database problem of duplicate records.

Fill in the person's name and then click the Check for duplicate person button. You can also just keep pressing the tab key on your keyboard until you tab off of the suffix field to initiate the automatic look-up in the database for existing people with the same name.

If no pre-existing person of the same name is found, Ascribe will report that “No matches were found” and display the household section.

No duplicates found

If a duplicate was found, Ascribe will ask you if you want to edit the matched person or create a new person record. Otherwise, if no duplicate person is found, the form will automatically display the Household or organization section.

Household or organization section

By default, Ascribe will place this new person into a family. If you wish, you can change this using the radio buttons to a business, church, government agency, non-profit or any other of up to nine custom organization types that have been previously set up.

Ascribe will then ask you if you prefer to put this person into a new family or into an existing one.

old or new family

If you click the radio button next to Place person in a new family, Ascribe will automatically set this person as the head of household of this family and continue on, revealing the rest of the form, and scrolling down to the Address section.

head of household and address

If you click on the radio button next to Place person in a new family, Ascribe will show you a field to use to search for that family's household name.

Matching person found

Type in a family name in the search field and click on the Search button. Matching families will be shown below.

use matching household

In the results box, click the family you wish to use for this person and click on the Use this family button. You can also change your mind and choose to place this person in a new family instead.

Once you've selected the family into which you wish this person to be placed, you can now select the role this person plays in this household.

Choose household role

Getting to person creation form from household record

You can also create a new member of a family by going to that family's record first. Then on the left hand side, in the Function Link box, click on Add a new Person.

Family Function Links

Once you click the Add a new Person button, Ascribe will open up the new person creation form already pre-filled with the surname of that family.

Family name pre-filled

Phone Numbers section

To mark a phone number as unlisted, check the box to the right of the phone number under the padlock graphic. If a home, work or other phone number connects to a TDD device, check the box under the typewriter graphic.

Miscellaneous section


As with any date field in Ascribe, you can manually enter the date using the format shown in green. This format can be customized in your personal user preferences and organization-wide in Application Settings. You can also click on the calendar graphic calendar to use a popup date picker.


Marital Status and Wedding Date

When you set the marital status to Married, the Wedding Date field will appear below. Otherwise, when any other marital status option is selected, the Wedding Date field is hidden.

Married Wedding Date


The hobbies field lets you type a single hobby per line into the box on the left side. On the right hand side, all the hobbies previously entered into Ascribe for other people will be listed. You can scroll through and click to add any of them to the hobbies field for this person. If you click one already highlighted in green, it will be removed from that person's hobbies listed on the left side.



In the goal module section, click any goal which you wish to initiate for this person. If you have a discipleship goal set up to follow up with new comers, you might wish to use this section to initiate the new comer goal.


If you click on the checkbox next to Remember for next new person, once you save this person and go to add another new person, Ascribe will remember which goals you have previously initiated and will have them already checked to be initiated for the next new person.

Group Membership

When you create a new person, you can also at the same time add that person as a member of a group previously created in Ascribe.

Click on the drop down list next to Select Group and choose which group to which you wish you add this person.

select group

Once you've selected the group, Ascribe will ask you to configure this person's group membership details.

group member details

As with the goals section, you can also cause Ascribe to remember this group membership setting for any further people you create. Just check Remember for next new person.

Save the new person

Click thesave button button at the bottom of the form to save this new person.

And you're done!