Create Authorized User

Ascribe password protects access to its administrative functions and limits access to those functions based on a user's permissions. To see a list of all authorized users, on the main menu, go to Admin > Authorized Users.

Admin > Authorized Users

In order to add, edit or delete authorized users, you yourself need to have an authorized user account with the Administrator permission. Here is a list of all the permissions available.

Authorized Users Permissions

To let someone access Ascribe, he or she must first have a person record.

1. First check to see that the person has a record in the system. If not found, create their person record.

2. Then click on his or her Account button. It will be located at the far right in the row of sub-menu buttons under the person's record.

If the person sub-menu buttons are maximized, click on the following button.

Account Button

However, if the person sub-menu buttons are minimized, then click on the last button.

Account Button in the Minimized Sub Menu

If this person does not have an authorized user account yet, you will be shown a form to create their authorized user account. You will be able to set the following parameters:

  • username
  • password
  • permissions
  • scheduled account action (i.e., suspend or remove account, or remove person)
  • scheduled action time
  • file folder permissions

If the person already does have an authorized user account, you will be shown the same form to edit those parameters.