Create a Batch of Contributions

To create a batch, first go to Finance > Unposted Batches on the main menu.

Once you are at the Unposted Batches module, click on the Add a new Batch button.

Create Batch Form

You will be shown a simple form to create the batch.


You may optionally add a name to this batch to identify the batch for internal purposes.


Typically, a batch of contributions is entered all for the same date. However, contributions for multiple dates can be entered into a single batch (e.g., miscellaneous contributions that come in during the week). Use a date here that makes sense for this batch.

Event Type

You may optionally assign this batch to a particular event type to help you track sources of income.

Default Fund

Set a default fund for this batch to allow for easy data entry of contributions. For example, set batch default fund to the Missions fund if this batch primarily consists of contributions taken for a missions offering. This will make all contribution data entry forms for this batch primed to allocate gifts to the Missions fund.


Use as a comments field to be printed on batch reports.

Create the New Batch

Click on the Add a new Batch button to create the batch. You should see a message saying that the batch was created containing no contributions.