Create Person From Within the Contribution Entry Panel

When a search for a person doesn't result in finding the person you're looking for, it probably means that the person isn't already in the database. You can choose to create a new person right from within the contribution entry panel. The person's first name will be pre-filled for you (assuming that you were searching for a person by their first name).

Fill in the person's name and member status, then click Continue. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of hitting the Enter key or pressing both the Control and letter A keys simultaneously. Ascribe will create the person's record and also automatically place the person in a household of the same name. And you'll be forwarded to the next screen to add the person's address and phone number.

Enter the person's address and phone number, if available, then click Continue. You will be forwarded to the contribution entry screen where you can begin entering the amount of the contribution.