Donations - Finance Module

Ascribe allows you to securely track financial giving for each person and household. To do so, you first create a batch. Then contributions are entered into the batch. Each contribution details the gift types (i.e., cash, check, goods, credit card, PayPal, electronic funds transfer, stock, real property, and life insurance) and how the gift(s) should be allocated to funds (e.g., general funds, advertising, etc). An unlimited number funds can be established to meet your exact needs. Once all the contributions have been entered for a deposit, the deposit can then be posted.


A contribution consists of one or more gifts. A gift can consist of cash, check, goods, credit card, PayPal, electronic funds transfer, stock, real property, and life insurance of a certain value. Each contribution is associated to a household (or organization/company). Additionally, a contribution can also be associated with a person within that household.


Ascribe requires you to enter contributions into a batch. Batches are a way for you to organize contributions into sets of contributions that make sense for your organization. They also provide tools to check the accuracy of the data entry of contributions into the batch and then the batch is posted. Once a batch is posted, the contributions within that batch are considered posted and "credited" to the donor's account.


You can create as many funds as you need (e.g., General Fund, Building Fund, Missions, etc.). These funds should correspond to funds in a third-party accounting software package (e.g., Intuit Quickbooks) that you can use in conjunction with Ascribe. Fund totals for each batch can be exported to a file which then you can import into your third-party accounting software.

Giving Statements

In the United States, individuals can deduct their donations to charitable organizations when they file income taxes with the IRS. Ascribe provides your organization with the ability to generate giving statements for the purpose allowing your donors to substantiate their donations to your nonprofit.