Email Campaigns

Ever tried to send an email to a large number of people? This can be fairly complicated. Many email services limit the number of recipients per email. If your ISP limits you to 30 recipients per email and you have a recipient list of 300 people, then you have to split your mailing list into 10 sub-lists and submit your email 10 times. This makes the process of sending an email to a large list cumbersome and tiresome. Ascribe's email campaign was designed to change all that ... and make it easy for your church to stay in touch with your congregation through email.

Sending an email campaign using Ascribe is easy, fast and reliable.

Three easy steps to creating email campaigns

In three simple steps, you can have an email ready to send out to thousands of members.

  1. Set up email campaign details.
  2. Select the recipients
  3. Write the email

Search to select recipients

Ascribe makes it easy for your to select who to receive your email campaign. Search by name, gender, member status, phone number, address, and more. This form uses advanced technology which allows you to perform the search quickly without time-consuming page reloads. You can add hundreds of recipients all at once in seconds. It is also fast and easy to click individuals to add to or remove from your recipient list.

Add groups of people as recipients

It is easy to add members of groups to the recipient list of your email campaign. Ascribe let's you click to select which groups you want receive the email. It's fast and easy. Click as many groups as you want and their people will receive the email.

Review recipients

At any time, you can review exactly who is set to receive your email campaign. You can even print a list of recipients or export them to a spreadsheet program.

Compose the email message

You can compose your email message right in the web browser window. Ascribe provides you with an editor which work a lot like a word processor. There are special tools for pasting text from Microsoft Word, creating bulleted lists, making tables, setting the color of text and more. There is even a convenient spell-checker (if you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser).

Personalize each message

Ascribe's email campaign module has a full mail-merge capabilities. This means that you can personalize each email with the name of the recipient and more. For example, you can set the first line of the email to read "Dear Sally" if the recipient's name is "Sally." First clicking in the editor where you want the personalized field to go, then click on the "Tag" dropdown in the toolbar. This will display a menu of 37 available field placeholders to choose from.

Plain-text version

When people can't (or won't) view HTML email, you will need to provide them a plain-text version of your email instead. Ascribe provides you with a handy function for automatically converts your HTML email message into a plain-text format. However, you will still need to re-work your plain-text version to look just the way you want it.

Testing your email campaign

Every email campaign should be tested before sending it out to all recipients. Ascribe's email campaign module contains a function which allows to you test your campaign to up to 10 different email addresses at a time. Sending a copy of your test email to the different addresses allow you to test the look of your email in different email programs. Different email programs (e.g., Outlook Express, Hotmail, WebTV, America Online, Eudora, Pine) in different operating systems have varying capabilities. Testing your email campaign in multiple types of email programs allows you to make sure your email will display properly in as many email programs as needed.

Send out the campaign

Once your email campain has been written, the recipient list has been set and you've done thorough testing, you are ready to launch your email campaign. Ascribe has successfully sent out over a thousand emails at a time. While sending, Ascribe will display progress indicator showing you the percentage completion of the campaign at any time.

If you have chosen to personalize your using field placeholders, Ascribe will customize the email for each recipient and send out emails one at a time.

Delivery success tracking

Ascribe allows you to track which emails were successfully sent. It also tallies how many emails were sent to each domain name.

Duplicating a campaign

Once you've gotten your recipient list the way you like it. You can just duplicate a campaign using the duplicate button. It will create another campaign with the same email copy and recipient list. You can then edit the copy for the new email and send it to the same recipient list.