Change Head Count Field Labels

At the bottom of an event form, you can set four different head count attendance statistics. These allow you to save certain manual head counts in an event.

If any of the names of these head counts do not match the use in your organization, it is easy to change the textual field labels of these head counts. Just head over to the Language module by going to Admin > Language on the main menu.

Navigate to the language you are currently using and you'll see a "cloud" of all the language files which Ascribe uses. Locate the event file and click on it.

Ascribe will display for you a very long list containing all the text used in the Event module. As with any part of Ascribe, any text within it can be easily edited to match your needs.

Use your browser's Find function to search for the field labels you wish to change. On a Mac, you can hold down the Command key plus the letter F key at the same time to reveal a search box to search for text on the current page displayed in your web browser.

Any field listed on the page is editable. Position your mouse over any field label you wish to edit and click it with your mouse. A form will be revealed allowing you to edit that field label.

For example, let's say you wish to keep track of how many evaluation forms are received at each event. You could use the Healings head counts field to track that instead. Just search for "healing" using your browsers Find function. The click on the Healings to reveal the form.

Type in your desired text for this field. Then hit enter on your keyboard or click the Save button.

Now at the bottom of an event form, you will see that Healings has been replaced with Evaluation Forms Received. Super easy!