Checkbox Field for Online Forms

To create a checkbox field, add a new field and set it to the checkbox input type.

Click on the Add a new Field button. This will save the field and insert it into the form.

As you can see, the system added a single checkbox by default. You can add text to the right of this checkbox or add other checkboxes to this same field. Clicking on the Editedit icon to the right of a checkbox field will allow you to edit the name, input instructions and placement. In addition, it will allow you to add further configuration settings (e.g., the text to be placed to the right of this checkbox).

If you wish to add more options to this field, enter the number of options you wish to add in the box next to Add new option(s). You may specify where you wish to add the extra options. Then click the Edit Field button.

Click the Save options button to add them to the checkbox field. Once saved, you'll see all the options listed as checkboxes for this field.