Create a Form

To create an online form, first navigate to the Forms module and then click on the Add a new Form button on the top right of the module.

Name and Description

The first two fields that you will fill out are for internal purposes to identify the purpose of this form. Here is an example.


A rich text editor is provided for you to add instructions which will be published above the form to instruct your website visitors how to fill out the form properly.

Button Labels

You can specify the text placed in the submit and clear buttons on the form.

Thank You Message

After a person submits the form, you can configure the form to display a message.

Email Confirmation

After a person submits the form, Ascribe can send an email message to the person who submitted the form. You just need to set the text of the email message and an email address from which to send the message.

Request Tracking

When request tracking is enabled, a case is opened with every form submission. Staff can communicate back and forth with the form submittor via a message board-like online interface until the issue is resolved and the request is closed.

Alignment of Titles

Set whether you wish the field titles to be aligned to the left, center or right.


You may associate this form to one group. The form will then be available for use by that group.

Create the Form

Once you have finished, setting up the details of your form, don't forget to click the Add a new Form button at the top or bottom of the form to actually save the form.

Upon successfully creating the new form, Ascribe will automatically add two fields by default: Name and Email Address. You may then proceed to adding more fields to the form.