Newcomer Welcome Scenario

Suppose we set up a goal to monitor the process designed to warmly welcome a visitor into the church. First we will take a look at the newcomer process from the perspective of the visitor. Then we will look at it from the backend process run by church volunteers and staff.

Visitor Perspective

Imagine this scenario of a first-time visitor to your church:

Carleen, single physical therapist, aged 27, moves into a new neighborhood and decides to visit a church that meets at a few blocks away. Carleen enjoys the service and fills out a welcome visitor card. The next day, on Monday, a friendly lady named Sharon calls Carleen and introduces herself as a member of the church she visited.

She thanks Carleen for visiting the church and comments that she indicated on her welcome card that one of her hobbies is running. Sharon mentions that she is a member of the Running Club at the church and would love to meet Carleen after service next Sunday so that she can introduce her to some of the other members of the club. A couple days later, on Wednesday, Carleen receives a letter from the pastor the church expressing how glad he was that she came for a visit and invites her to come again. The following Sunday, Carleen goes back to the church. After service, she meets up with Sharon and a few of her friends from the Running Club. One of the girls from the club, Anne, invites Carleen to join her for coffee later that week and she is looking forward to it.

Staff Perspective

In the above example, the church designed a carefully thought-out process to make sure each person who visits the church is shown the love of Christ by being warmly welcomed. Ascribe can be used to help manage this process on the backend. Imagine this scenario:

The church has a team of four volunteers who each takes home a share of the welcome visitor cards filled out each week at the end of the last service on Sunday. Mark is one of these data entry volunteers. On Sunday afternoon, he takes his laptop to a nearby Starbucks and, using the T-Mobile Hotspot, connects to the Internet and logs into Ascribe. Today he has eleven visitor cards. Five of them have the first-time visitor box checked. For those five, Mark makes sure to check to initiate the Newcomer Welcome goal at the bottom of the Add a new Person form as he creates new person records for them.

Rebecca is the goal manager for the Newcomer Welcome goal, which has been set up for mentoring. For each of first-time visitors, whom Mark and the other data entry volunteers entered into the system and initiated the Newcomer Welcome goal, Ascribe automatically sends an email to Rebecca informing her that the goal had been started for a particular first-time visitor. The email asks Rebecca to log into Ascribe and assign a mentor to the newcomer. On Sunday night, after Mark and the other data entry people had finished entering all the welcome visitor cards, Rebecca turns on her home computer and sees that she has 14 emails from Ascribe. She logs into Ascribe and looks individually at each of the new people that were added to the goal. One of the newcomers is a woman named Carleen. Rebecca notices from the hobbies field that Carleen likes to run. So she sets Sharon, the leader of the Running Club, to mentor Carleen. When she does so, Ascribe automatically sends out an email to Sharon asking her to follow up with Carleen.

On Monday morning, Sharon checks her email and finds out that she has been assigned a newcomer named Carleen to welcome. The email contains Sharon’s contact information. Later that day Sharon phones Carleen on her cell phone and after chatting for a while invites Carleen to meet up with her and some of the other members of the Running Club the following Sunday after church. After hanging up, Sharon logs into Ascribe and goes to her My Disciples page and finds Carleen’s
discipleship record. She clicks the button next to the “welcome phone call” step and writes a little note about her conversation with Sharon. Then she sets the welcome phone call step as achieved.

On Tuesday afternoon, Barbara the church office manager works on the pastors welcome letter mail out. Going to the Goals module, she clicks on the
icon for the Newcomer Welcome goal. This takes her to a listing of all the newcomers being welcomed. She drills down to a listing of all newcomers who have not yet received a welcome letter from the pastor. She uses Ascribe’s mail merge function to generate mail merge letters to all of them. Barbara also uses Ascribe’s label function to generate mailing labels. After printing, she gets Pastor Bob to sign all of the letters and sends out the letters. Finally, Barbara marks down in Ascribe that pastor’s welcome letter step was completed for all those people.

On the following Sunday, Sharon meets up with Carleen after church and introduces her to several of the other members of the Running Club. Carleen seems to quickly take to Anne, who invites Carleen to meet her for coffee later that week. That evening Sharon logs into Ascribe and writes a note in Carleen’s discipleship record about how she met up with several members of the Running Club and how Anne was planning on having coffee with her. She marks the date when the Meet at church step was completed.

A few days later, Anne phones Sharon and tells her how much she enjoyed meeting up with Carleen at Starbucks and how Carleen plans to join them at the club’s normal running day on Wednesday afternoons. Sharon logs into Ascribe again and writes another note. She marks the date when the Meet for coffee step was completed and that the entire Newcomer Welcome goal was achieved.