Viewing a Group Member

Getting to a group member's record

To view a group member's record click on their name in the listing of group members of click on the View icon at the end of his/her row to view this group member’s record.

Understanding a group member's record

The group member record is organized into three columns. 

Left Column

To edit this group member, click on the Edit group member button found under the Function Links box in the left column. 

Center Column

To navigate to the group member's person record, click his/her name found at the top of the center column.

The yellow box in the center column contain certain group membership and person record information. Some of that information is clickable. For example, in this group member record, you see in the upper left corner that Doug Adams has the Visitor membership type in this group. You can click Visitor which will take you to a listing of all the visitors in this group. Under the Church Affliation section, if you click on Active Member, you will be taken to a listing of all the people in the database which has the Active Member membership type for your organization as a whole (not the membership type of the group member in this group). 

Right Column

In the right column, an address will be shown for this group member if he/she has an address. If you click on the Map link, a new browser tab will be launched to map the address.

Also in the right column, any contact information (e.g., phone numbers) will also be clickable.  Clicking a phone number will take you to a form which allows you to take a note documenting your organization's contact with this person.

In the Hobbies section, any hobbies listed will be clickable to perform a search for any group members who have that hobby.