Adding Group Members

To add members to a group, click on the Add a new Group Member button located at the top right side of the group member sub module.

You can also add members directly from the main group page. On the group page, look for the members block on the left hand side. Click on the new button to add new members.

Form to add group members

When you click on one of the above buttons, it will take you to the following search form. The Last Name field will be pre-selected.This search form allows you to search for people already in the database that you wish to add as members to this group.

Enter a search term (e.g., first or last name, age, gender, etc.). Performing the search will list matching people in the database in the second column. A form will appear in the third column which will allow you to specify the parameters of person(s) group membership.

If multiple people are found in the search, you can select all or one of the people the second column search results as people you wish to add as members to the group. If you want to select all, click the Select All checkbox.

If you check the Web Edit Permission checkbox in the third column form, this group member will be allowed to access the group management tools for this group if they are given a username and password to sign into Ascribe.