Group Members

Each person may have as many group memberships as necessary. From the member listing of every group, you can print call lists, labels and mail merged letters. Certain group members may be given special access to use the group functions of Ascribe for their group only, without access to any other Ascribe functions.

Getting to the Members sub module

To get to the Groups module, click on Members button in the row of buttons for sub modules which is located at the top of the group record.

The row of sub module buttons can be minimized to save vertical space on the screen. If the row is minimized, then click on the Members button on the minimized sub module buttons.

Understanding the group member listing

Just as in the person module, Ascribe will present you with a listing of all the members within the group (if any). At the top of this listing of group members , you will see a the following functions. These allow you to quickly (1) do a person search, (2) export data from the person module, (3) navigate from one page of persons to the next and (4) change the number people listed per page.

Searching for group members

There are two ways to search for a group member (or group members). The simplest way is just to go to the group member listing and enter a search term into the search box located just above the member listing (at the top left).

Once you've entered a search term you can just press the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the Search button to perform the search.

You can also click on the Advanced Search button to do a more specific search.