The Groups module allows you to categorize people in to groups. You can create unlimited groups. A person can have memberships in unlimited groups. You could send emails to members of a group. Groups can be set to be publicized in a website listing of groups and even publish unlimited web pages for each group. These pages could contain static content or dynamically publish current events, announcements, news articles or photos from the group's store of information.

Each group has the following management tools available to it.

  • Members
  • Email Campaigns
  • Letter Templates
  • Notes
  • Goals
  • Online Support Forms
  • To Do (Tasks)
  • Event Calendar
  • Group Website Builder
  • News/Blog
  • Announcements
  • Photo Gallery

    Getting to the module

    To get to the Groups module, click on Groups on the main menu.

    Creating a group

    To create a module, click on the Add a new group on the main menu.

    Or you could click on the Add a new group at the top right side of the Groups module.