Application and Web Hosting

Ascribe is a browser-based web application. Functionality is provided entirely through the web browser, eliminating the need for installing client software for each user. A user only needs a computer, Internet access and a user account.

Ascribe Software-As-Service

Ascribe Data Systems LLC provides the Ascribe application as a hosted service, requiring no installation of server software on your part. Your data will be backed up daily. You can rest assured that you will always be running the latest version of Ascribe, without having to coordinate or pay for upgrades.

System Requirements

Ascribe is compatible with most all modern browsers, with Javascript enabled.

Web Hosting Included

Your Ascribe subscription includes the following additional web-hosting features:

  • 1 GB of Disk Space (additional space available)
  • Unlimited Data Transfer (when in compliance with Terms of Service)
  • hosting for one domain name

Server Platforms

ServInt The Ascribe web application is hosted at ServInt Internet Services data center in McLean, Virginia. ServInt's has many years of experience with excellent server up-time history. We have been hosting Ascribe at ServInt since 2005.

Amazon Web ServicesAscribe's static elements, such as graphics, CSS style sheets and Javascript files are stored on Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) and delivered from their data center out to your browser any where in the world from a server nearest you in Amazon's global content delivery network, Cloudfront.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers geographically scattered around the globe which allows website visitors to download a web page's static content from the server which is nearest to them. CDNs make web pages load quickly. Because Ascribe utilizes Amazon's Cloudfront CDN, you can expect snappy performance from Ascribe and the website it publishes for you.

We have been hosting Ascribe's static elements at Amazon's S3 and Cloudfront networks since 2009.

By utilizing ServInt and Amazon Web Services, our customers can have confidence that Ascribe's network infrastructure is managed and monitored by world class network engineers, backed by world class companies.