Merge Families

Let's say two people are getting married. You will want to merge their households into a single household. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

1. First go to the person who will be regarded as the head of household. Then click on the family icon to go to the household record.

2. In the Function Links sidebar, click on Associate Person.

3. The system will automatically search for anyone within the database who share the same address, last name or phone number. If no one is found matching those parameters, then you will be allowed to search for the person whom you wish to associate with this household.

4. Ascribe will then show you a listing of search results. Click on the Associate button to the left of the person you wish to put into this household.

5. And you're done! The person, along with any of their financial contribution records, will be pulled into the household. If the household that was just vacated is now empty (i.e., no longer has any people in it), it will automatically be deleted.