Sign Out

It is important for you to sign out after each time you use Ascribe for security reasons. If you were to remain logged in and walk away from you desk, some one could very easily go in and view information he or she shouldn’t, or create/edit/delete information with your username.

To sign out, click on the Sign Out link at the very top of every screen.

When you sign out, you'll be shown the following screen. It will automatically forward you back to the sign in form in 5 seconds.

Auto Sign Out

While you are using Ascribe, it will keep track of how long you have left a page open. If you exceed the maximum time allotted, the system will automatically sign you out. It will flash a popup screen warning alerting you that you will soon be signed out.

For this reason, if you have a form open and have entered information into it, make sure you have saved the information before leaving your computer. If you are automatically signed out, the information in the form will be lost.