Website Builder

Ascribe's web content management system allows you to maintain web pages about your church or organization, biographies of the staff, informative links to other websites, contact information, directions to services and just about any kind of web page you would want on your website. Ascribe also allows you to customize the look and feel of your website with the skins module.

To get to the webpages module, go to Website > Pages on the main menu.

Page Types

Ascribe supports eleven page types.

  • Web Page Web Page
  • File Name Or Link Link
  • Events Calendar Events Calendar
  • Announcements Announcements
  • Group Directory Group Directory
  • Households & Organizations Households & Organizations
  • Blog Blog
  • Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
  • Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
  • Form Form
  • Member Portal Member Portal
The first page type, Web Page, is just a normal static web page. The second isn't a page at all; it's simply a link to some other page, file or graphic that is not a web page. All nine other page types are dynamic, database-driven pages that let your website visitor interact them them. The database-driven pages hook into their respective modules within Ascribe.


A theme is a collection of HTML web page templates, graphics files and CSS style sheets. Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your website.